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In the following you can find some short statements about our work given by our customers in alphabetical order. We have translated them into english for you convenience.

To protect our customers we have published only the company name and the position of the people providing us with references. Should you be interested in a direct contact, please contact us. We will be happy to ask for you.

AGFW | The (German) Efficiency Association, Head of Research and Development:

We know Dr. Jentsch for several years now as an expert for exergy-based evaluation. The cooperation with Richtvert is characterized by good communication, reliability and high competence in the field. We are happy to continue to cooperate with Richtvert.

Dortmund (City), Project manager - Buildings:

Richtvert | Energy Systems Consultancy has investigated various alternatives for the construction of a new school in Dortmund in regard to the resource consumption and the CO2 emissions caused. The results of the study have provided us with new insights, helped us to improve our overview and significantly simplified the creation of a well-grounded basic structure for our next steps. We were very satisfied with the cooperation and can well imagine to continue our cooperation in similar projects.

Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental-, Safety- and Energy Technology, UMSICHT, Business Unit Manager Renewable Ressources:

In February 2012 Richtvert | Energy Systems Consultancy performed a study on application of an exergetic allocation method to biogas utilization as a sub-contractor of Fraunhofer UMSICHT. The cooperation was very constructive and we found Richtvert to be a valuable, competent and reliable partner.

Outokumpu (formerly ThyssenKrupp Nirosta), Senior Vice President:

Dr. Jentsch of Richtvert has performed an exergy-based analysis for our cold-rolling mill in Krefeld and has provided us with a visually attractive presentation of the savings potentials in the form of ExergyFingerprints. Based on the analysis results Richtvert has performed an estimation of economic effects, which has shown significant savings potentials. Dr. Jentsch was always able to answer our questions competently and has fully fulfilled our requirements. The Cooperation has been based on trust and good communication. We can imagine to continue our good cooperation should the need and possibility arise.

ROM Technik (formerly Imtech), Manager Energy Systems / Simulation:

The exergy analysis that Richtvert offers is an interesting tool for Imtech Germany as a system provider of complex energy systems. It can complement Imtechs portfolio of methods to optimize energy- and ressource efficiency. After an interesting cooperation with Dr. Jentsch in first projects we are curious to apply exergy methodology in our projects by ourselves.

Stadtwerke München (Municipal Utilities of Munic), Head of Customer Management:

I have valued the cooperation with Dr. Jentsch very much. It was characterized by a very trustful and communicative execution of the set task. Dr. Jentsch does not only possess extensive qualitfications in the area of LowEx but also the ability to communicate the complex matter in a vivid way. Dr. Jentsch took our specific demands concerning the presentation of the results into account (Ressource consumption).

UBA - The German Environmental Protection Agency, Scientific employee for climate protection in communities and the environmental innovation program

The company Richtvert has cooperated with the project leader IFEU Heidelberg - the Institute for Energy- and Environmental Research in Heidelberg on the project „The use of exergy flows in power and heat systems within communities for the achievement of CO2 - neutrality until 2050“. It provided significant content to evaluate efficiency in the building sector, especially by using the exergy pass that has been developed by Dr. Andrej Jentsch. The part of the research project that Richtvert has contributed has been presented multiple times in events with participants from German communities and has received widespread recognition. In my opinion, the work of Richtvert for an improvement of energy efficiency in all areas of the German society increases in significance, since finally thermodynamics are being transferred from theory to practice.

Warendorf (county), Chief of building technology

For an extension of the county house in Warendorf an energy concept was needed. Richtvert | Energy Systems Consultancy was charged with the task to develop alternative options for the heating and cooling concept and to compare them using exergy passes. Thanks to the system comparison using exergy passes a solution for heating and cooling was found that was especially efficient, climate friendly and cost effective. The cooperation was constructive and good and we gladly recommend the comparison of energy concepts using exergy passes by Richtvert | Energy Systems Consultancy.

This is only an excerpt of our references. For further references please contact us.

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