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April 2010

Andrej Jentsch, PhD in Energy and Process Engineering

Technical, economical and ecological analyses, evaluation and optimization of energy systems and industrial processes on a solid scientific basis.

The use of an innovative, scientific evaluation methodology and the consideration not only of energy but also of energy quality in our analyses, allows us to assess optimization potentials comprehensively and present them in novel, understandable ways, e.g. by using the exergy pass, a visual evaluation tool for alternatives of technical systems.

The company name „Richtvert“ [ʀɪçtˈveˈʀt] is a combination of the german word „Richtwert“ = „guide value“ and the french word  „vert“ = „green“.

We are a company, which delivers well grounded decision support in the pre-planning phase or put more simply: We provide guide values. Also, we focus on „sustainably good decisions“ and „high efficiency“ therefore we wanted to include the word „green“.  We found the french version of green to be perfectly suitable for this purpose. The result of these considerations ist the company name „Richtvert“ - which still sounds like the German word for guide value „Richtwert“ but also includes an indicator towards „sustainably good decisions“.

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